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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

TV segment on dealers

Here's a segment from WDBJ Channel 7 in Roanoke feature yours truly and my spring term auto industry class:

Story and Video Clips

Note that it was a full term. We had 4 guest speakers, visits to 3 factories (the Ford Rouge F-150 truck assembly plant, a plastic injection molding factory of International Automotive Components in Strasburg VA and a TS Tech seating plant outside Columbus, OH), to Delphi World HQ, to 2 museums, attended the annual Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago auto industry conference in Detroit that included presentations by a host of speakers including Steve Rattner, Tom Stallkamp and Bob King [UAW], and had presentations by 3 people at the Center for Automotive Research in Ann Arbor and another presentation at Automotive News. We also wandered around the city of Detroit, seeing the devastation wrought by the changing geography of the industry, including a visit to the Heidelberg Project. More later...? -- Ruggles also attended one day of the Fed conference.
Mike Smitka

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  1. Now you have discussed about auto industry class and visit of 4 guest speakers. This is great.