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Thursday, November 28, 2013

The Best Selling Vehicles by State

David Ruggles

I found this chart from Dealer Communications quite interesting. Business Insider notes the following on the topic:

The auto industry has become so globalized, you can find the same Ford in Detroit and in Beijing. So it’s not surprising that Americans’ taste in passenger vehicles has become a bit homogenized.

To find how much difference there is in our car-buying habits, we asked Kelley Blue Book to pull the data from the start of the year to find the best-selling ride in each state.

Not surprisingly, Ford F-Series family of trucks dominated the list, coming in at number one in more than 30 states. But Americans elsewhere have different tastes: Florida and Maryland went for the Toyota Camry. Hawaii liked the Toyota Tacoma.

So regions persist – large pickup trucks are near-unique to the US and Thailand – amidst increasingly global tastes, as per an earlier post reflecting an interview with just-retired Ford Chief Creative Officer J Mays at World Cars World Trade.