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Friday, February 26, 2016


Mike Smitka, Economics, Washington & Lee Univ

i'm pondering the nature of globalization in the auto industry. In addition, suppliers are realigning their businesses, with for example JCI and Visteon selling their interior businesses to Yanfeng, Visteon selling their air conditioning business to Halla Climate Control (now Hanon), and Visteon buying Yanfeng's share in a vehicle electronics joint venture. Then there are OEMs: what was the progression of cross-border integration in Europe, as intra-European restrictions were gradually lowered following the formation of the Common Market. First I'll ponder, the blog, then write ...

meanwhile here's a thought provoking quote from Johannes Roters of Yanfeng Automotive Interiors. I came across it in a story in Automotive News China, but then found an English version.

To buy an asset, a machine, is easy, but to run the machine [outside your home market] is a different story. You need the right people and the right processes as well as the same values, same understanding, same mission and same vision.

China's Yanfeng foresees consolidation of interior component suppliers,
Automotive News Europe 2016/2/26 as cited in Automotive News China.

<要购买资产和机器,这很容易。但要[在母国市场以外]运行机器设备则是两码事。需要找到合适的员工,合适的工艺流程,还要建立相同的价值观、理解力、使命和愿景> was hard to puzzle out!