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Monday, January 2, 2017

Auto Industry Book of Note!

Mike Smitka

Up on Amazon as a New Year's surprise for me:

Here is the Table of Contents:
  • Chapter 1 Introduction: The Global Auto Industry Through the Lens of Technology
  • Chapter 2 History 1: The Rise of Oligopoly
  • Chapter 3 History 2: The Collapse of Oligopoly
  • Chapter 4 Changing Economic Geography
  • Chapter 4 Changing Economic Geography
  • Chapter 5 China and the Rise of New Producers
  • Chapter 6 Automotive Innovation Model and the Supply Chain: PACE Awards
  • Chapter 7 How Companies Innovate: Intellectual Property and Roadmaps
  • Chapter 8 CAFE Standards and Materials Competition
  • Chapter 9 The Rise of Digital Manufacturing and the Boundaries of the Firm
  • Chapter 10 New Technologies: Productions Systems, Management, and Labor
  • Chapter 11 New Technologies: Disruptive or Evolutionary?

Some chapters were drafted by Peter, some by myself. We each edited the whole thing more than once, cutting out each other's material to keep within the strict page limits set by the publisher (150 pages, minimal footnotes/references). It is truly a joint work.


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